May. 8th, 2015

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If you enjoy "What May Come," my Frodo and Celebrian centric healing of a sort in the West fanfic with absolutely ZERO character death, please feel free to stop by and check out Part X: Pulled from the Shadows! :)

Shirebound, I really appreciate your suggestion of making time daily for something fun and stress-relieving. :) It would be hard to do it the same time every day b/c my schedule varies so much, but I think building it into my schedule for the week would be a really great idea. :) Today I ate a "Frozen" popsicle (hee! and OK, I ate more than one, to be fair about it) and treated myself by wrapping up my ofic project earlier than I'd originally planned and writing a whole new chapter of "What May Come" - and posting it, since I hadn't updated that thing since last September, and before that it had been over a decade. I think I'd like to make sure I make time for fanfic more regularly. It feels like that's how I keep my soul somehow. Ofic is a huge part of me, really, and I do live to write it. But fanfic is the side of me that likes to play doctor with my dollies and play kitchen with play food, if that makes any sense. One of my problems is that I'm so deathly serious all the time, and I need to bring a little more "play" into my life for stress management purposes (and my sanity).



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