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B2MeM Challenge: O72, Roles & Names of Aragorn (healer)
Format: Fic
Title: Distracted
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: G/K
Warnings: Some graphic food detail, some humour.
Characters: Frodo, Aragorn
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Aragorn must tend to Frodo's maimed finger...but will Frodo even notice? Movieverse Minas Tirith setting.

"Slowly now, Frodo."

Frodo sipped eagerly at the delicate chicken broth, laced with mushrooms. "It's so good."

"I thought you might like it." Aragorn smiled. "It will do you great good. Nourishing enemata will do in a pinch, but the body was designed to take nourishment through the stomach, and it is better taken thus."

"It's been so long." Frodo blinked back tears. "We hadn't had anything but lembas for so long, and even that ran short. Sam..."

"Sam has told me a great deal about what you endured. When we have finished, I must tend your hand again. It is time to change the dressing on your finger."

Frodo blushed. "I - Aragorn, I - at the fire - "

"Sam has told me." Aragorn's voice bore no trace of accusation, gentle and warm. "Fear not, Frodo. You did all that you could, and more. You must not think of yourself unkindly. For you bore the Ring to the very depths of the fire, and only there could it meet its end. Without your struggles and perservance, it would yet be working its evil throughout the world, and Minas Tirith would have fallen, and no doubt Rohan as well. You saved many lives."

Frodo swallowed. "More could have been spared."

"Nay, Frodo. You did well. Besides," Aragorn added quickly, "I have more pressing matters I would like you to consider. I require your assistance."

"Mine? How?"

Aragorn smiled mischievously. "I would like to prepare some special meals for you and for Sam, and I would like to know what the two of you would most enjoy, when you are well enough to have more than broth."

"Oh!" Frodo looked surprised, but he was, after all, a hobbit, and immediately enchanted by the question. "I don't suppose we could have mushrooms, could we? Soup, perhaps, or an omelet, or scrambled with eggs, or maybe baked in an oven."

"Of course. All the mushrooms your heart could desire. I shall be sure that you have them."

"And vegetable soup. I know Sam would dearly love a bowl of spring vegetable soup, with potatoes and carrots and little green peas, maybe some celery, some green beans, that sort of thing."

"Then he shall have it! What else?" While Aragorn questioned Frodo, he began to work, propping Frodo against the pillows and tending to the maimed stump of a finger. Frodo hardly seemed to notice that Aragorn was unbandaging his injured hand. His mind was far too occupied with thoughts of food.

"Do they have tea-time here? Could we have a proper tea even if they don't have that? I've so missed tea-time. Sandwiches and muffins or scones and tea...it would be like coming back to proper civilised people at last."

Aragorn laughed. "Of course! What else? What sort of main dishes? Meats? What sort of potatoes and bread?"

"Oh, mashed, please. Sam will be ever so glad to see potatoes again. I will too. Any kind of meat would be nice. Chicken is good, but then it's been so long since we had beef...or maybe pork...."

"I am sure we can work all of those into our menus somewhere," said Aragorn with a twinkle in his eye, deftly cleansing the finger-stump with an herbal solution made with boiled water. "Do you like white bread, or dark? I seem to remember you having a penchant for good white bread."

"Oh, yes! Not that I'd turn away *any* bread at this point...but white bread warm from the oven, spread with sweet butter, always tastes so delicious." Frodo's blue eyes lit up suddenly. "Aragorn! Do you suppose we could make ice-cream this summer, if there's any ice to be had?"

"I don't see why not."

"Perhaps strawberry...or maybe peach." Frodo laughed aloud, despite the fact that Aragorn was checking the debridement of his finger and washing it out with solution and boiled water yet again. "I *love* strawberry ice-cream. When we were on the slopes of Mount Doom, Sam asked me whether I remembered the taste of strawberries. I didn't then, but now I remember it well. I remember *everything*."

"I am so glad to hear it, my friend." Aragorn dabbed the finger dry. "Now, tell me, what sort of breakfast foods would suit you best? And Sam?"

"Well, Sam likes his eggs fried. I prefer mine scrambled, with butter, though bacon or sausage grease always make nice eggs too. And toast, toasted bread with sweet butter. And crispy bacon, please, nice crispy bacon. Could we have ham some morning, though? I haven't tasted ham in ever so many months. Sam fries it, cut up into little pieces, and that's nice."

"I see no reason why we could not arrange that." Aragorn finished rebandaging the finger-stump. "And you, my friend, are finished. I would like to hear more about what you and Sam would like, but for now, we have finished with everything but talking."

Frodo looked down at his hand, then up into Aragorn's face. "Wait a minute..." He broke into a merry laugh. "And you were working the whole time!"

"Distraction is a wonderful thing, Frodo."

Frodo grinned. "I suppose. But you had better remember what we'd like for breakfast!"

-the end-

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