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A new chapter of "What May Come" is available on ff.net - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1974038/1/What-May-Come will take you to the start, but the new chapter is Part XIII: Soup and Shadows. :)

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I have 25 full pgs, single-spaced, totalling about 4.5 chapters or so, and I'm thinking of starting to post before I finish. I expect this one will be comparatively short, or else ongoing, and I'm not sure which. Leaning toward comparatively short, with a definite end.
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I finished that chapter of What May Come (WMC) tonight...it's just over 1500 words, which makes it comparable to some of the later chapters of that fic already posted. Going to sleep on it and see whether I want to make any more tweaks before I post to FrodoHealers, and then to ff.net.

Thanks to all who continue to read this fic, even though I've been working on it for fourteen years, which is longer than some people have been alive, including my dog.... O.o
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I hear at least one person has had a weird spam e-mail purporting to be from me. Please know I will never send you spam. I think my e-mail addy or addies may be getting spoofed. Delete any suspicious-looking stuff unread. If you want to know whether I sent something, just ask. But weird spam will not be me. Hugs.
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It's March 25th! :)
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As of about half an hour ago, anyway. It's basically not been on that long. I just now realized it myself. Am going to go julienne a green bell pepper and watch a bit. :) Back on shortly. :)

-Febobe :)
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Bingo prompt: Diner's Club, G60 Vegetables (Author's Choice)

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May cross-post this to B2MEM later this week, but tonight I just don't have anything left for doing the header and all....
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How far did Frodo and Sam walk in our world's terms to get to Mt. Doom?



-Febobe :)
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Many for-profit sites have stolen all the works from ff.net w/o authorization, I'm hearing. I did find that thebuystock had "A Warm Welcome" of mine up, as well as other stories, and talkfictions had my profile and several chapters of "Starved." :P I've reported them. Please follow the procedure for reporting, as many of the for-profit sites contain viruses and malware, so you'll need to do as it says to pull up search results and get URLs from that.

Febobe the Disgusted :P
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'Nuff said. About 3 hrs to go, 1 hr in. :)
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It is now officially the anniversary of Frodo's wounding on Weathertop, and the day I'll attempt my bMRI again...and I want to mark the occasion with a recipefic. I hope you all enjoy. Links are fine as I'm putting this one on public lock.


Author: Frodo Baggins of Bag End (FboBE/”Febobe”)
Title: Soup and Secrets (though I’m open to suggestions)
Rating: PG for mild angst – no sex, slash, violence, or profanity. Food detail warning (as in there’s plenty of it!)
Author's Notes: Written for the 2015 anniversary of Weathertop (and the day I’m supposed to make another attempt at a test I need for cancer staging)
Summary: When Frodo’s anniversary illness returns with the autumn chill, Rose summons her own gifts in an effort to call him back from the shadows….
Word Count: 3004 including recipe

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TNT has ROTK on - it's a good way through - Frodo's already been spider-stung - but there's still a bit left, and Hobbit AUJ is next. :)

-Febobe :)
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We'll miss you, dear sir. Even if you did play Saruman. (Maybe especially b/c you did play Saruman. :) )

I hope you and the Professor are having a fine conversation about the books and films over a pint of whatever you fancy. <3 <3

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I hadn't seen this somehow, but it's from Elijah's last day on set for LOTR, doing pickups for the ROTK scene where his Weathertop wound is hurting him, and he's closing up the Red Book...it's got some beautiful angsty Frodo shots, with more sound than we get during the movie. This is so beautiful it's downright inspiring. <3 Now I feel like writing some more fic!!! Seriously, doesn't he look so poorly, so unwell?


Thought y'all might enjoy, and I'd like to keep it for later too. :)


-Febobe :)
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Bon appetit! :D
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Happy birthday, Hanarobi! <3 I hope it's a happy and kitteh one. :)
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New chapter of "What May Come" posted over at ff.net - https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1974038/11/What-May-Come - it's Part XI: A Mother's Heart, A Child's Longing (though the chapter title got truncated on me!)

Hope y'all enjoy. :) It's got some nods to my Mother's Day fic ("An Orphaned Son's Longing"). Potential hanky warning, but that's about it. This is a non-death kinda fic. :) When I plan to kill poor Frodo on the page/screen, I will absolutely warn readers up front every time. This is more of a cuddling fic. Cuddling. And food. And TLC. And lots of love. (Shirebound, I'm guessing you're still in! ;) )

Febobe :)

PS - Have I mentioned how much less stressed out and how much HAPPIER I am with working on fanfic regularly? :)
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Here's one of my favourite vids, a "Let It Go" LOTR parody by the incomparable Hindi gals. I would gladly watch a remake of the whole movie with these two. To not be EW, Hannah Hindi makes a darned awesome Frodo, with those big angsty eyes... :D


-Febobe :)


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