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B2MeM Challenge: B7, Draw a Tolkien Character, in a halloween costume
Format: Ficlet
Title: Horrors
Genre: Humor
Rating: G/K
Warnings: None
Characters: Frodo, Pippin, Merry, Sam
Pairings: N/A
Summary: Frodo dresses up for Halloween...but did he really have to?
Notes: Set in my "Life Out Of The Ruins" universe, a contemporary AU sequel series to my crackfic "Joy From Ashes," in which Frodo and the Fellowship are all transported to modern-day Nashville, Tennessee. The snippets are not posted in any sort of chronological order. Just enjoy! :)

"Do I look ridiculous?"

Pippin snickered.

"You look fine, Frodo," Merry said, glaring in Pippin's direction. "Don't forget your eye-patch, now."

"I feel foolish." Frodo turned to study his reflection in the mirror. "I *look* foolish. Whose idea was this anyhow?"

"Mine!" volunteered Pippin. "Don't you know what they *do* here? It's the best holiday ever! We go from door to door and people give us lots of sweets!"

"I think you look fine, master," Sam said.

"Then why don't you put on *your* costume?" asked Frodo, adjusting his pirate hat.

"Well, sir - " Sam hesitated. "I was thinking 'bout going as myself."

"What?" Frodo blinked.

"Allison was saying how hobbits are stories here in this world, so I reckoned I could just say I was a hobbit, and they'd give me candy, and they wouldn't know no better, so..."

Frodo looked around at Merry and Pippin.

"I could have gone as myself and you got me dressed up as a seafaring rogue for nothing?"

Pippin and Merry looked at each other.

"Run!" Merry cried, and the two took off like an arrow, Frodo following close behind.

"Oh, you'd *better* run! When I catch the two of you - "

-the end-

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