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If you enjoy "What May Come," my Frodo and Celebrian centric healing of a sort in the West fanfic with absolutely ZERO character death, please feel free to stop by http://tinyurl.com/owxcu2a and check out Part X: Pulled from the Shadows! :)

Shirebound, I really appreciate your suggestion of making time daily for something fun and stress-relieving. :) It would be hard to do it the same time every day b/c my schedule varies so much, but I think building it into my schedule for the week would be a really great idea. :) Today I ate a "Frozen" popsicle (hee! and OK, I ate more than one, to be fair about it) and treated myself by wrapping up my ofic project earlier than I'd originally planned and writing a whole new chapter of "What May Come" - and posting it, since I hadn't updated that thing since last September, and before that it had been over a decade. I think I'd like to make sure I make time for fanfic more regularly. It feels like that's how I keep my soul somehow. Ofic is a huge part of me, really, and I do live to write it. But fanfic is the side of me that likes to play doctor with my dollies and play kitchen with play food, if that makes any sense. One of my problems is that I'm so deathly serious all the time, and I need to bring a little more "play" into my life for stress management purposes (and my sanity).

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Please go vote! I can't tell you which mine is b/c of rules, and I can't ask you to vote for me, and I won't, but if you can, go read all the stories and vote for whichever you prefer most. :) There are many lovely stories to choose from. :)

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Just read courtesy of ElwenLJ that LILIES (yes, the flowers) are extremely toxic for our feline friends and should never be allowed in a home where there are cats. It destroys their kidneys or something. Please, if you have kitty members of your family, don't bring in or let anyone else bring in a lily!!! If you need one badly, get a plastic or silk one or something!!!


I did it!

Mar. 25th, 2015 09:01 pm
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I finished and submitted my Teitho fic, my very first! I'm not altogether happy with it, and eventually I'd like to revise and expand and enhance it, though the original version will be made available once allowed by the Teitho competition (tonight's the submission deadline, so that won't be for a while yet).

Thanks, LindaHoyland, for the awesome support. :) You've been an encouraging example and inspiration. :)

-Febobe :)
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Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays (take whichever applies, please :) ) to all my beloved friends, near and far. I am about to get to my lovely cards and hope to post thanks in the coming days for both snail and e. :) Thank you all for being who you are and being such great friends.

Love always,
Febobe :)
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I've got a fandom_stocking entry over here on DW. :)


If anyone feels inclined to drop anything in, that would be wonderful. If not, happy holidays either way! :)

And if you have a fandom_stocking listing, please let me know. I know Dreamflower has one. I'd like to leave some little surprises for my friends who are doing this.

Febobe :)
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Rosie, you're another year older and wiser! :) Hope it was happy! *hugs snugs* I just now got on LJ for the first time since late Wed/early Thurs, but - happy, happy birthday (a few hours late!)!!!

Love and hugs,
Big Sis Febobe :)
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Congrats to all the honorees in the MPTT Tree & Flower awards, whether nominee only, winner, or HM-recipient!

Also, a very happy birthday to Claudia603! I hope your special day is full of happies - fun, friends, good food, and even some solitude if you like. :)

Febobe :)
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Happy birthday, Dawn! :)
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The voting deadline for the "Tree and Flower Awards" stories is September 21st. For details, see this post:


(swiped from Shirebound, but it was easier than swiping the original lotr_community post, and I didn't think she'd mind :) )

-Febobe :)
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FrodoHealers and readers who recall my penchant for invalid-cookery might enjoy this article, as did I - especially as someone who, like its author, lives with autoimmune disease. :)

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I don't have my copy of Letters where I can find it (blast) - does anyone happen to know the reference in Letters of JRRT indicating that Tolkien drew the relationship between Frodo and Sam from the WWI British officer and his batman? Wikipedia cites Letters as the resource confirming this, but it doesn't give specifics. I've got a standalone short fic I've just finished and am writing my notes for, and I'd like to provide specific details on this if at all possible.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Febobe :)
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WARNING: this is a VERY rough draft and lacks my usual array of header notes, but I thought some of you might enjoy seeing what I've been up to lately.... :)

Imprisoned (PG-13, 1/?) by Febobe )
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Very happy belated birthday wishes to...





I love you all and am sorry I wasn't around LJ/DW on your special days. I'll see whether I can come up with a little belated birthday snippie to honor you three wonderful ladies. You're all very special to me and I treasure our friendships.

Febobe :)
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To everyone who won, placed in, was nominated for, or helped with the Tree & Flower Awards, CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! :D I won't even try to list everyone, as I'm sure I'd miss several, but CONGRATS to all who were a part of this.

Febobe :)
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I don't believe I've shown this bit yet, but pardon if I have! It's from the Big Bang that's two years overdue and nearly thrice the requisite length, and still growing....

Read more... )
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The Dishes )
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That's Paul's alliterative verse site, great place and all, but - I'm trying to access it and can't; he says it looks fine on his end and he thinks it's me, but I've tried closing and reopening browsers, different browser options, you name it, and I can't get there at ALL to any page on the site.

Would someone mind trying this site and letting me know how that went for you? I really would appreciate it.

Febobe :(


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